Saturday, 31 March 2012


Sprite Day 26 March

The Bowling ally was warm and it smelled like a mixture of feet and pop corn. We set up our shnattie hobo camp at lanes 3 and 4. Our names appeared on the screens above us and we started to play. There was a rising tension of competitiveness in the air as each person in each team rolled their balls down the lanes. Personally, I hate bowling in theory but this was really fun. We all sat around cheering our flat mates on and being sympathetic when they missed. We did enjoy a hearty laugh when someone (mostly Alyson) missed the balls completely or when Naomi just couldn't do it because of her broken arm. After we all had ice cream and we decided to catch the bus, but Dangerman told us to get off too soon and we ended up walking anyway. The cracks in my nails from sticking my fingerds in the holes of the bowling balls are a clear indication of how much of a great time we had/ that I actually participated and not just took pictures which is what happens all too often in these kinds of situations. 

Here's a poem of some sort to express my feelings on Bolwing:

Bowling is great

Well all get strikes
Lingering in the elevator
Inside and outside
Never gonna give up
Green is not a creative colour