Saturday, 31 March 2012

19 Glasses of Wine

Friday 30 March 2012

Happy Birthday Ben!

Shnallenge: Drink your age in glasses of Wine.

His lovely girlfriend organised a picnic in the park for him, with all his favourite foods, ever.

The sun was hot, a perfect day for a birthday celebration. I sat next to Daron and Becca. People were talking excitedly about the food and Ben and occasionally people would burst into different renditions of Happy Birthday. We popped the cork on some slightly warm white wine and made many a toast to the birthday boy. We snacked on breads and strawberries and sweetly delicious things from Marzipan, and after we had all eaten and been satisfied, a game was in order, so we started playing out loud Paranoia. The game soon evolved into us asking him questions about anything we wanted, and he having to answer truthfully. In return, he could ask us any questions. People told stories excitedly that kept us all in stitches throughout the afternoon, but soon the sun was setting and the bottles were emptying and Shabbt was just around the corner. A quick consunsus around the circle to head back to the flat and have a beautiful Netzrey service by candle light and acoustic music. We had soup and Challah for dinner.

I made Hogwarts out of Sprite Bottles...