Saturday, 3 March 2012

No Diet Sprite on Sprite Day

Sunday 25 February:

Back to school! Back to reality!

I thought I was getting really good at this whole "Lets not fall asleep in class" thing, but apparently not. I was so tired from adventuring in Tel Aviv that I fell asleep on y desk. I kind of feel bad, because I woke up during the discussion and it seemed really interesting, but it just wasn't a good day for intense thoughts in my brain. I was so tired I don't even remember what we did in hadracha. The asefah (Meeting) just made life worse because we decided that Machon people cant stay over at the flat when we have programming the next day, and people have taken this as a personal insult. Its really not. They just need to understand that this is our house and they should  be respectful of the people who live here and the rules that we set out. If you think its a shitty flat, go home. Were not forcing you to be here, but you're welcome, if you're going to be a real person.

Sprite Day 26 February:

The worst day I've had so far. Just hated life.
I was cold, and hungry and homesick and I just, literally, wanted to lie in bed and cry.

We had another History lesson. We went to Mount Olives and saw some grave stones and a view of the temple mount from a different angle. We said some prayers and I suppose we were meant to connect to it spiritually, but I just didn't. I don't like praying to a place, and alone. Its just not the same as praying in a community. I really enjoyed the intense discussions about God and weather or not he exists and if Prophets really spoke to him. It was a pretty existential day for me I guess. I spent the day thinking about life, the world and everything. I'm still pretty confused about how I perceive God, and what my personal God Concept is, but I'd love to explore it more and see if I get it. Our lecturer says he's spent most of his life being confused as to what he believes in so I know I'm not broken inside.

We walked through the Water Tunnels, and all I could think about was Josh and our adventures on Israel Tour, then I got more nostalgic and homesick and wanted to cry some more.

Mount of Olives. Looking over the East Wall of the Old City.
Exploring our views from different perspectives
Just before we went into the tunnels at the City of David.
The water was cold, and a few people got their knickers wet

At the Southern Wall. The sky was so beautiful that day.
Naomi ran a really good peulah for us.
This is Ariel being silly. Thats the City of Jerusalem behind him.
Surprise. We had to go to this MASA Cultural event. I went to the dancing session and watched an amazing dance performance. The concept was nice, but the weird video they played was really irrelevant. The dance itself was so complex and full of emotion, it was hard to grasp it all at once.
I tagged along with Lily and her new friends to get dinner, bagels and a sprite, in honour of Sprite Day. He is from Hushy- The Humanistic Jews. They're so interesting AND THEY SHARE. Which is the best part.

I got my hat back.

Then it was time for me to go to bed. So I did.

(Lily had a much more exciting night than I did, but that's a whole other story.)