Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pizza Parties and Pirate Night

 Tuesday 28 Februaury:

Best sandwich from Sandwich Ben Sirah. So good.
Movement time! Sometimes I don't understand what were meant to get out of tuna time. It would be nice to have less peulot time and more general bonding time. I feel like the peulot topics are really disjointed, not only from one another, but also within the peulah. We started talking about stereotypes and got all the way to personality traits and our Maddie was trying to join them together, and I guess tell us not to be fake people and just be real. But you really had to dig deep to get that kind of message from thje stuff we did and read. Its also slightly odd that all we do is sit in a circle and talk. I feel like we need to be ore creative with our lives.

We played games on the grass. It was the best time I've had since playing lap tag in the park that one time during orientation week.

I just wanna finger paint.

On the bus home, Lily and I were existentialise our problems, like we always do. We figured out that we were in the stage of almost being comfortable in life, and not having to try so hard to fit in, and then everyone realised and was like: "Wait, what's going on here? Why aren't you being a fake person any more?" and that now were back at square one where we have to be fake people or pretend that this is what we want to do with our lives. Its a terrible place to be. I don't want to pretend, I don't want to be fake. I'm not that kind of person. That's why I feel like I can blog and discuss feelings and emotions and stuff, because, unfortunately for me, and the people on the other end of my crisis's, I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Instead of going out, Rosa, Lily, Naomi, and I had a mini Ma'amad and jam session and played Bananagrams. I'm getting so good at it, and I even got a few words in Anagrams. We ate so much chocolate and then Rosa and I spooned in the Dojo. It's the day after Sprite Day so we could.

I got to see Lilys hood for the first time, and so skillfuly avoided Ari. Like a boss.

Wednesday 29 February:

Volunteering is so hard and difficult and complicated.


Jeff and Josh made us dinner, of green mashed potatoes and mushrooms. This, unfortunately, was the start of our rainy pirate adventure off to Hummus Ben Sirah. Everyone wearing their silly outfits went off, in the pouring rain to go eat this supposedly amazing hummus that Jake doesn't shut up about. Its really quite avesmagaves.
Best hummus ever.
Not really.

I dressed up like the parrot that normally sits on the pirates shoulder. I really wanted to do my skype interview like that but i thought I should take it more seriously, so I didn't. I think my interview went really well (:

Thursday 1 March

I also got to run a peulah for all my Etgarnicks. It was in the Dojo and there were way too many people in the room, and way too many candles and people throwing paper around the room. I think that sometimes it was more for me than for the benefit of the other people, and now I feel better about living here. In this house. With these people.
It was also Jemmas birthday so her famjam bought us all pizza and it was so good. Alyson made the best cake in the whole world. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life thats what it would be. That cake was soooooo gooooood!
I hope Jemma enjoyed her birthday, but she did look really happy.