Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Secret Magic Rainbow Stickers

We woke up slightly chilly, to snow capped mountains in the North. After everything that had happened the last night and after being in the weirdest situations, in the dark to top it all off, it was definitely a pleasant surprise.


I woke up to the theme tune of Harry Potter-My ring tone-, and croakily enquired as to who was on the other end, my eyes still being held shut with sleep. It was Lily, She told me to meet her at the bus stop in 20 minutes. I had completely forgotten, and was already late. There was no time to shower, only pull on a few warm clothes and shove some shorts and a bottle of water into my bag. I grabbed my camera, and only, disappointedly, realsied later that I had no battery power. I hurried out of the house, only stopping to say good morning to Benji as he thanked me for covering him with a blanket the night before. This is the part where I swooned over him and nearly forgot our map. I hurried downstairs and off to the bus station via tram. I got their before Lily, who looked slightly more rested than I did.

We spent the majority of the bus journey, like all other bus journeys we take together, over analysing our lives and making mountains out of mole hills. We talk about Boys, Girls, Friends, Home, What were doing here, and of course the meaning of life. We always say that we'll catch up on some well deserved rest, but we never do. We ate a really good sandwich and some chocolate of course! There is always too much to talk about so the breaks between stories were p[erfectly permiated with mouthfulls of rich Cocoa. At the bus station, Lily and I did some grocery shopping, getting all the essential vegetables and bread we needed. Not to mention all the biscuits and fruit. We met up with Rosa and her American Friend and we set off on our Road Trip adventure!

The drive from Tel Aviv to the Kinneret was a long journey and we would all need some coffee soon, especially Jess because she was driving. We decided to stop off in a small town, just before arriving, but all the small towns were unbelievably creepy. The first one we drove through was strange. The pavements were littered with old antiquities and vintage couches. Creepy dogs and cats sat waitng to pounce on their next pray or just watching us, eerily, a we drove by. Needless to say, we did not stop for coffee there.They felt like if we stayed there too long we would all end up in one of those really creepy scary films, with no way out other than death. We got out of there ASAP.
The next town smelt weird, and Rosa awoke, a little groggily to the smell of cow Manure.
We ended up in Tiberius, a larger city on the shores of the Kinneret. We stopped for a picnic and then had an early dinner/lunch in the city itself.
We gave up on finding a hostel to stay in and decided it wouldn't be a good idea to sleep n the middle of nowhere and after a few frantic phone calls and driving almost to Syria, and through large puddles, and over rocks, and through firing zones and around in large circles we found a lovely forest to sleep under the stars.

This is s song we wrote to the tune of "Under the Sea":

The adventures are always better
When were on the road together
We're here to travel Israel
but it's not working out too well.

Lights of the city around us
Half way to Palestine
Should we sleep in the bushes?
Maybe another time.

We'll see snow capped moutains
We'll see Syria
We'll take long ass bus rides,
wish we could sleep inside.

Under the stars (Under the Stars)
We'll pitrch our blankets
None of us planned this
Under the Stars

Jess, Lily, Rosa, Idan
Where've all the cookies gone?
We'll find our way somehow
It's just not happening right now

Drive over some rocks
Wear three pairs of socks
Under the stars

The next day saw us walking through the Daliot forest to a beautiful waterfall and taking a short road trip to Mirror Lake and eating the best Falafel in the whole world. We stopped at a legitimate Syrian settlement, filled with Drewz in their traditional dress. They wear Hippie Pants, the ones with the extended crotch, so that if their G-d falls from the sky, He has somewhere to land.

After an intense weekend of Adventuring and a 4 hour bus ride back to Jerusalem we were all ready for bed. Unfortunatly it was 4:30 before that idea became a reality.