Saturday, 7 April 2012

I'm glad I have friends that do silly things with me.

Sunday 1 April 2012


Rebekkah and I pulled the best prank! Lol. Everyone hated it, and I spilled all the syrup on the floor. We now have to use plates for french toast.

Toilet Rolls on the Ceiling. Check.

ALL the shoes in the kitchen. Check.

All the cupboard doors open. Check.

All the chairs in the Bathroom. Check.

The dining room in the hall way. Check.

The chairs from the balcony in the showers. Check.

Writing Happy April Folls on all the mirrors. Check.

Turning all the signs upside down. Check.
We did a whole bunch of other stuff too.
We cleaned the fridges, that hadn't been clean for DAYS. We turned all the chairs and couches to face the wall. We hung tampont on the door handles. We moved all the signs and opened all the drawers. All at 4 am I might add. We made so much noise, and no one heard us...

etc etc