Saturday, 7 April 2012

To Jake, From Shnat.

Jake, remember that one time when you became a Bar Mitzvah? This is one of those times you, me, all the Shnatties, your family, your friends, and everyone else here will remember for a long time. Kind of like that time you ended up at Kikar HaEvan. Or the time you fell in the water after the tunnels.
As someone who has lived with you for quite a while now, I feel qualified to comment on your life. And after months of seeing you lose your keys and sing Cage the Elephant, I know you’re someone I’m going to drive down to LA to watch Saw and have In’n’out dates with. Every single one of us has seen you change from that guy who fell asleep at every single class during Orientation Week, the guy who ruined his sweater on kibbutz, the guy who thought the kibbutz was vegetarian, the guy who lost his keys in Karmiel, who got lost coming back from the store in Karmiel, who got lost in Kikar HaEvan, the guy who played that same song every time you sat down at a piano, who thought it was Beit Shumel, who lost his glasses, who lost his phone, who fell in the water. The Jake who didn’t know the Aleph Bet when we first started Ulpan is not the Jake up here becoming a Bar Mitzvah. This Jake is smart, prepared, responsible, funny, and independent. The line, “will you do everything in life for me?” is no longer a legitimate request, it’s just a joke. You have truly become a man on Shnat, and we are all lucky to have witnessed it. 
I couldn’t imagine my Shnat without you, and I know everyone else feels the same. We can’t think about you without smiling or laughing. You’re that guy that manages to brighten everyone’s day without even trying. You have no idea how much we all appreciate that.
To show you just how much we love you, the Shnatties have compiled some words of wisdom, advice, humor, and memory for you.

We are all so proud of you. Congratulations, bro.

By: Rebekkah Karp