Saturday, 14 April 2012

Just an Ice-Cream (Up) Date

Wednesday 4 April 2012
(The Day Before ALL the Bad Things Happened)

I picked Rosa up from outside a fancy hotel for a little bit of trendy-lesbian time.
We walked through the streets of Jerusalem chatting about things that happened to us recently. She told me stories of her family and I went over the same exhausted topics of boys and drama in the Etgar flat. Nothing terribly exciting was happening at all. Nothing what so ever. An odd occasion, we didn't quite know what to do with ourselves. A day without drama or tension and confusion? No weird feelings? What nonsense was this?
We ate 10 sheckle ice cream from "Internet" and met up with Lily just down the street.
The three of us sat on Tzion Street listening to the musicians and argued about the Army and Indoctrination and making Aliyah for a while. We made bracelets in the middle of the street an I said goodbye to them in the middle of a busy intersection and tucked myself into bed.


Friday 6 April 2012 
The Pass Over Seder.
Alyson, Liz and I got lost on our way to our host family for Seder. It was awkward for a while, then it got interesting as we discussed topics in the world and ate a lovely dinner in this nice strangers home with all his family and long lost relatives. I missed the Manoims and Sivan and Thando and being in a nice space and staying up really late talking to my friends until my Mom had to drag me away with promises to see each other the next morning at Shule.

Saturday 7 April 2012
Etgar ALL nighters
Tara, Jess, Rosa, Lily and Myself headed to the Kortel at 2am for a litle Easter celebration. We ended up singing and peeing in the bushes with short extracts from 'This Week in Palestie' and uncontrollable giggling and blasphemy.
I stayed up ALL night posting the posts before this one.

Sunday 8 April 2012
We became wizards. There was a Tree Apocalypse. I'm pretty sure Jeffrey thinks I'm mad.

Sprite Day 9 April 2012
I took myself for a walk through the City. I stumbled upon a crafters market and had a moment of reminiceing with myself about all the time I used to spend in crafters markets when I was small. I had alost all but forgotten about it, until then. I basically grew up in them.
I hung out with Mor for the majority of the day. We went shopping in the shuk for a bucket and some veggies for dinner. We stopped for ice cream and I fell asleep on her couch for a while. A call from Emily woke me up and I said goodbye to Mor and headed home. Rebekkah arrived shortly afterwards and we wanted dinner, but instead we ended up adventuring through the streets of J-ruz in Hippie Pants and Gangstah Hats in search of Crepes. This story will probably be the greatest Shnat Confession Ever.