Sunday, 29 April 2012

Do You Want some Beer with That?

19 April - 21 April 2012

What normally happens in these situations is that Rosa and Lily call me, and tell me to go somewhere and it normally ends quite badly, or we get ourselves into very sticky situations. 
I met them for a small tour around the Church of the Holy Seplica and we had some REAL hummus, in a quaint little hummus place.

We left early and went to shule. If by went to shule I mean sat in a dump and ate chocolate and died of hysterics. Thats all we do when we're together: eat and giggle and complain, and then we complain about eating too much. But, eventually, we ended up in shule, listening to the beautiful singing that is the only real reason I like going to Kol Ha Neshamah. I think I fell asleep.

We took small walk to the Gozlans for dinner. These are my favourite meals because is like Nathanel is a little kid again. Its the sweetest thing. You can tell that, that's how he was when he was little. Ah! :D
 We had a small rebellion against the chicken soup because Nathanel 'forgot' Lily was a veggie, and I don't think he knew I was changing my lifestyle.

Spontanious hikes in the Judaic Desert:
The sun beat down on us as we stretched before our hike to the Monastery in the middle of the desert. Lily and I had come down stairs to rescue Rosa from her work colleges friends and ended up joining their hike for the day. We've now learnt to not wear our Adventure Boots to the shops. We walked for what felt like ages, we fought our way through all the elements of nature that day. There was water that we had to swim through, rocks we had to hang on to, mountains we had to climb, rivers we had to brave and the incesent obnoxiousness of one obnoxious teenager from the ARDC to bare through. On the way home we picked up a hitch hiker from France and got kicked out of Aroma because: 'The police said so.', we ate the best Malawach and met up with the rest of Netzer for a surprise picnic for Naomi.

And there it is.