Sunday, 29 April 2012

All the Walking

Monday 23 April 2012

Almost all of Etgar headed down to Tel Aviv for the day. We had a tour of the museum where they have exhibits from Diaspora Jewry. I really like the Sports Exhibit where they told us all about the Rugby Team that couldn't play on Yom Kippur. I felt so proud to be a South African Jew.
Later, after we had finnished our Siyur, Naomi, Emily, Rebekkah and myself got on a bus to the beach.

My eyes were tired, burning from being open for too long. The dull hum of the bus' engine was ringing in my ears. Everything was too loud. Darkness. People. Darkness. My eyelids fluttering open and closed, fighting the urge to fall asleep. My head, resting against the vibrating window of the bus was slipping off my hand. My neck unable to hold it up. My body, unable to stay awake, functioning. Shifting images filled my unconscious mind and words accidentally spill from my lips. Sleep talking. I awoke to find a different woman next to me, Naomi looking lost and confused, trying to find out where we were. The four of us had evidently fallen asleep on the bus to the beach. We disembarked, panicked and cold, to the pavement of Bat Yam. King Falafel filled our growling bellies and we boarded a new bus back to Tel Aviv. We left Naomi and Emily and continued our adventure around the city.

Rebekkah sleeping on the bus.

The azreali mall.
Eventually, we ended up in the Azreali Mall, the largest mall in the city, and ate some ice cream and boarded another form of Public Transport, bringing our grand total of public transport to: 7 (Walking; a tram; a bus; a train; another bus; another train; another bus; more walking and a taxi)
This is a map of everywhere we went:
The Red is the Bus, the blue is the train, the green is the second bus, the purple is us walking around.