Saturday, 7 April 2012

ALL the Rattans!

Tuna Tuesday 3 April 2012

  • We had a mini discussion about: IRAC. I took a tactical pee break...
  • The southerners had a meeting with Hannah from Kibbutz Lotan. She seems really nice. I'm so excited for it!
  • We had a bake off in the kitchen. Did you know that Dan makes banana pancakes? Our cookies (Dans, Mine, Liz's and Becca's) were the best by far.
  • We had a mini party in the Mitbach and Jeff was trying to be 'Lil Sweezy... Whoever that is...
  • I played the best game of Bananagrams ever. ALL the dirt words and "Dragons".
  • We had a chill sesh in the Dojo and ate all the cookie dough in the world.
  • Jeff and I made a Draw my Thing account together. Then we ate pizza and decided not to hold grudges against eachother anymore. Lol. Classic Libra (Vintage Libra...)

Dangermans brother came to visit and we spent the better part of the early hours of the morning singing the Netzer song in ALL the languages we could. I even taught them Afrikaans.

One thing I've noticed about the Rattans is that they like to tell stories, and I even had the pleasure to find out why. Their Grand Father used to tell them stories and for the few months that Gil lived in Israel last year, he spent as much time as he could listening to all the stories he could. Gil captivated his audience with tales of his time in Germany and in his drunken slurring state his ideas about the world and the importance of the diaspora for Jews. He told me all about his family history and how his parents met and how he learnt all the languages he knows today.
This was all with brief interludes, in the beginning, from his brother trying to get him to come party with them. He didn't go in the end. He said its because he prefers to chill.

When Dangerman gets drunk he starts speaking in German.