Thursday, 28 March 2013

Don't Drink and Drive.

I think its really stupid for the South African Government to want to change the drinking age from 18 to 21 because of drunk driving.

Here's why:

  1. People that thought they could drink at 18 will still do it, and thus there will be a crazy high number of illegal drinking.
  2. People that are 21 will just go crazy over it because its now a thing that they get to do that other people don't.
  3. There will be a rise in under age drinking.
  4. Places that rely on the income from Matric Vac will loose business
  5. The government will keep raising the age limit on drinking until were living in the prohibition.
  6. People that are 21 will still drink and drive no matter what. Most 18 year old's do't even have cars or drivers licences because the whole system is shit and corrupt.
Ways to fix this without changing the age limit:
  1. Better public transport so we don't have to drive.
  2. Safer roads and city so people aren't scared of the general public
  3. More places for youth/young adult entertainment. Not just Greenside.
  4. Better/Not Corrupt police systems so people aren't scared of the police.

People just randomly disobey the law anyway. Completely sober.
I was driving home from dinner this evening and we had stopped at a red robot. A car pulled up beside us, decided to just go anyway.
We have a serious problem with disobedience in this country, because people hate the stupid laws (not so much road rules) but like dumb shit.
Besides, the police is useless. I mean, a guy got dragged behind a vehicle by the police for parking on the wrong side of the road in a suburban area. Dragged. Behind. A. Police. Vehicle.
What the hell.