Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Calm Before The Storm, Thrown in the Deep end and other cliched phrases that make sparkly nail polish seem like a good idea right now.

I'm basically swamped with work and barely able to function like a normal human being. My eyes are watering and stinging from being awake for so long. My nose is ruining and I've had a cold for the past three months because my College doesn't understand air conditioning and my bones all hurt.

At least after this weekend I have a fantastically, delicious dinner (I hope) to look forward to, and at least five whole days of one, Lily being in town. We can do all sorts of things, like talk and hang out. Because after living in each others lives for a whole year and a half. seeing each other literally everyday - four months has been to long.

While I appreciate the fact that I have work to do and that its important work, I feel like my life has the tendency to go in patterns of Everything all at once, to nothing and back again. Over and over until I feel like there is no point any more and I should curl up under my douve and pretend the world doesn't exist.

Here's to a long weekend of homework.