Thursday, 28 March 2013

Taking a Stand!

I've been reading a bunch of articles about it, most saying that changing your dp wont make a difference and others saying you should just forget about it because its a lost cause but I think we should all stop being so APATHETIC. Nothing would have happened if people just sat back and did nothing. Hell, if those two cave people hadn't gone out and made fire we would still be sitting on a rock grunting. If people hadn't rebelled against Hitler life would be pretty void of culture and if people here in South Africa didn't bother to do anything about Apartheid I'm pretty sure it would have been a violently dismal outcome for our country. So yeah. I will change my profile picture and write blog posts on as many different social networking sites as possible because it might not be burning my pass book or draft notice, but I sure as hell believe in something and ain't afriad to show it anyway I like. People deserve to be treated equally no matter what and you should try and argue that they shouldn't.

Its popping up all over the web, especially on facebook, and for the last few days everyone has been talking about it. The Red Equal sign is a symbol of equal rights especially towards gay marriage and recognition by the state to allow people of the same sex, the same rights as those getting married to someone of the opposite sex.
This has raised many issues in peoples lives bringing more things to light than just the question of a legally binding document. Its about change and progression- Something that I'm in a lot of support of.

Who cares if someone has the same private parts as someone else? Shouldn't we all just be happy that those two people have found each other - Someone to support through the hard times and celebrate with in the good times. Has it really come to the point in humanity where we feel the need to destroy someone's happiness because of our own outdated ideas.
What sounds more reasonable to you, the people who are against the marriage of two people based on their looks, someone who is in a committed relationship, raising an adopted child with all the legal benefits and heterosexual couple would have or the rise in divorce, children from broken homes and parents who constantly bikker.
Maybe, yeah, its possible that eventually gay couples will decide that maybe its not right for them to be married. But we'll never know if we don't try.
Rebecca Winchel protests by singing "TheTimes They Are a Changing"
outside the supreme court in Washington.

Just a few short years ago it was illegal for people to get divorced. That changed.
It was illegal for black people to marry white people.
It was illegal for women to vote.
It was illegal to drink alcohol.

Look how far we've come!

Why stop there. We live in a fast paced, ever changing society and no matter what, you cant turn back, so lets move forward.