Monday, 8 April 2013

The First Day of Winter

The air was crisp and cold as I stepped outside for the first time in what felt like weeks.
The rain had been pelting down all over the city for the past three days and this had been the fisrst time it had let up since it all began. I took a deep breath, letting the clean air penetrate my lungs filling them with cold cold air that felt like I was choking. It tasted so familiar. It tasted like winter felt. the air was thick.
It reminded me of the afternoons we would spend on the field at school when I was younger. The grass would turn yellow and would fall out. We would collect as much of the grass as possible turning it into massive sculptures that could take all week. We developed a sure fire way to collect the grass efficiently, using the cardboard boxes that the fruits were delivered in. They had large holes in the bottom that would allow the grass to shoot up through the holes and be collected in the back. This could only be achieved by running with the boxes across the field. We would gather it all in one area and after deciding on what to make we would set to work. In the morning, the sculpture would be covered with frost and the orange light from the low sun would catch the raised image casting a long shadow across the ground.
The best sculpture we ever made, and probably the biggest was that of a skeleton. After that the teachers banned us from doing this,mostly because the grass was being damaged and I think they thought we were a little weird.
Ill never forget the smell and the feeling of those crispy winter afternoons though. The wind blows right through you and your toes hurt from the cold of your leather shoes while in the sun you could be tanning on the beach. The sun shining down on you, warming your limbs.
I felt like I was twelve years old again.