Monday, 8 April 2013

Chai Tea and Hot Chips

We had now made it a tradition to catch up with each other over some Chai lattes and Hot chips at the mall in between our houses.
Te nights always started the same, we would plan to meet at a certain time, but always be late. We would deliberate over what to order, but decide on the same thing as last time. It was nice though. It felt comfortable.
Sometimes I worry that I wont have much to say, but when I get there its always fine and the conversation moves comfortably from one topic to the next.
Its these moments that make me feel the most. I have so many emotions all the time that its hard to think of a time when I don't have something going on in my life. I like talking to her though because it gives me a chance to actualise most of these thoughts. Something that rarely happens in day to day life.
I miss having people to talk to.