Saturday, 4 February 2012

We are adventuring.

It's all cool you know, cause were like adventurers.

The flight was rather terrible. So lets not talk about it. We didn't sleep for the most part so we all had the most intense spoon hour trying to get our bags off the carousel.
Rosa: "What does your bag look like?"
Me: "Like that one. Oh! It is that one!"
And then we all had to run after it.
This happened like four times.

Anat took us for Shakshukah in down town Jerusalem. It was amazeballs. The little restaurant is in a book shop, so the walls were lined with bookshelves and the menu's came in famous Israeli books.
She let me n Nicole sleep on her bed for a few hours before we all sleepily made our way back to town and to Mors' flat, where Lily n I spooned so beautifully. We went to shul, and sat awkwardly not knowing what to do, but the Rabbi was a woman and the Canter played guitar and sang, so it was fine. Mor made the best most nom-ful soup ever, and we had salad. Because in Israel people just eat salad all the time. Its great.

This morning, being Saturday, and thus Shabbat, everything was closed. We got up at twelve and devised ourselves an adventure. We walked all the way to Rossco, to fetch Nicole.
Everyone said it was a 20 minute walk but we got lost six times over so it took a little longer.
Like two hours longer.
But we found Nicole and got a lot less lost and walked all the way back.
We splurged on some ice cream (odd because it's like 5 degrees outside and everyone thought we were insane.) We ate some Israeli Yemenite food: Malawach (Jarred would be so proud) and drank some Turkish coffee.

Now were safe and sound in Mors flat. Bed, moderately early tonight because tomorrow is a BIG DAY! We're moving to Beit Shmuel to start our Shnat adventures.

So much of excitement.