Wednesday, 8 February 2012

5am Wake Up Call

It was cold and dark outside when the Shnatties of 2012 reluctantly rose from their beds. Some brave souls showered and dressed, pulling layer upon layer of thick jumpers over their heads. Foot steps echoed through the dark hall ways and whispers of speculation could be heard through the darkness. The bright lights of the lobby were oddly startling as we began the chilly walk to the Zion gate. 

This was the start of our Sunrise Tour through the Old City. 

The slippery cobbled stone streets were quiet and empty in the early hours. Slippery not because of rain or sleet, but from hundreds, even thousands of years of people inhabiting its stone walls. Chatter filled the air and annoyed neighbours could be heard scolding the early risers as they made their way through the small allies toward their surprise destination.

Meal steps.
Bang, Clunk, Bang.
Eight pairs of eager feet made their way up the small staircase.

The sight that greeted the group was nothing that could be imagined. The sky, dim and grey from rain looked as though it was being sucked up into the heavens. The wind at full tilt high above the spectators of our little planet. The sun shone through the clouds, gently illuminating a new day. A new adventure.

The church bells chimed as the light hit the Dome of the Rock, its bronze encasing glinting slightly, in just the right light. 
The bells chimed in miss-matched unison, forming an odd choir of ancient melodies. The still, silent air becoming alive with noise. 

The city had awoken.

Distant bells finished their chimes, yet the group sat still in the aftermath of entwined holy faiths, only able to imagine the full impact of Religious aspiration that filled the people each morning.

One, by one, they left. 
The birds chirped their approval, and glided high in the wind.

The Sunrise Tour: Thoughts. 7 February

This excursion was followed by a lovely picnic just outside the old city, a shopping trip to Yafo street, Hot Shmale...smole...some sort of milk pudding, and a nap.