Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sandwich Spooning

Friday 10 February 2012

Rosa came to visit. It was so lovely, for Lily and myself to hear another South African accent. She brought nom-ful foods, and lovely vibes with her. She arrived on Thursday night, just in time to meet all the Northerners. We hung out in the living room of our flat and played silly games. It had been ages since we had had enough alone time to discuss our lives and generally hang out with out having to constantly explain our lives. It was great being able to have someone who we knew so well with us. We slept amazingly well because for the first time, after arriving in the Holy Land none of us had had the opportunity to spoon. We stayed up all night straitening our hair, having existential crisis and eating Sparkly Cow Chocolate.

The following evening, Friday night, we all headed off to shule. It was a beautiful service. I sat in the congregation, breathing and listening to the all too familiar tunes to prayers I had said thousands of times before, only this time it was different. We were in a whole new place. A whole new mind set. The chanting and harmonising increased as all the people in attendance sung, some on key, most off. I  was breathing in the sound of the community.

Saturday night, Lily, Rosa and a few of our Israeli friends from South Africa met up for Soup and a couple of drinks. The soup was delicious but seeing familiar faces from far across the globe after saying goodbye two months ago back home was an oddly comforting feeling. We reminisced, caught up and joked as though it had only been yesterday that we were all madrichas on Camp back in Cape Town.

We sadly said our goodbyes, with promises for future plans and ran up the stairs to our warm apartment in the heart of Jerusalem.

Sunday would bring the start of Etgar and the beginning of our lives as separate shnatties, no longer in our South African comfort zones.

I miss Lily every day.