Thursday, 23 February 2012

Jake is the Best Spooner on Etgar.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term: Ndabas, it means gossip, drama, general happenings that provoke a slight scandal.

So here it is:

I sat in the dim haze of a dirty bar. Familiar faces a blur around me. The dull thump of generic pop music beats becoming louder and louder. Peoples bodies rhythmically bumping mine as i make my way to a secluded spot in the back. Coats, hats and handbags discarded on the seats. I do the same. My jacket is next to me and I a just about to get up and go "dance" to the generic pop beat but a figure sits down in the seat next to mine. He is cute. He is wearing a red hat, striped scarf, dark coat and fingerless gloves. An image that almost mimics y everyday attire. He has thin lips and a raspy, yet slightly higher pitched voice. A slight five 'o clock shadow along his chin. He has a young face. When he speaks you can barely tell that he is from down under. The conversation goes from polite chit chat to in depth ideological discussion. He asks about Netzer and Etgar, I about his lifes' dreams and aspirations. The conversation flows smoothly as the people eb and flow like waves in the ocean to the music. Our voices barely audible above the noise. People slowly start leaving until were almost alone in the bar. Its 3am and cold outside. We exchange hats as a way of keeping in contact, adding to the mystery and spontaneity of our relationship.

There is so much drama with people falling in "love" and all that bullshizznak.

I've made a new friend, and as she doesn't know that this blog exists. She is the lovelies person I know on shnat that is of the female variety. She and I are really close and we cook dinner together all the time, have girl-y conversations about boys and giggle. Its so beautiful. I love being able to have these conversations and of course things to talk about. She is the cutest thing.

My other two bestest best friends here are boys. We spend a lot of time talking and joking and sitting either in the Dojo or outside on the balcony smoking hub or just talking, all wrapped up in blankets.

I'm excited to see Rosa n Lily though. We're going to Tel Aviv for the weekend to visit and maybe party. It's also nice to get out of the flat and away from all your flatmates for a while. We're going to Women of the Wall on Friday morning and taking a bus straight from there. I have no doubts that it'll be a lovely relaxing time with my South Africans.

In other news, Gozlan arrives tonight at midnight. He said we should hang out sometime this week. Lets not get to excited, it'll probably be one of the most awkward things of my life.

I'm also going to see Amir within the next couple of weeks, so we can all look forward to hundreds more existential life crisis's and boy drama in the future.

Last night I cleaned (meaning swept and mopped) the entire flat. It is now lovelly and clean and we can all live again. This was after I skyped a whole bunch of people at home. Weee! (:

Sometimes I miss home, and other times I'm glad to be here enjoying the world.