Sunday, 12 February 2012

Trees are friends, Not Food.

Tuesday 7 February: Night

After a day of adventuring in Jerusalem after our Morning walk, we had a Tu' Bishvat Seder with the Israeli branch of Netzer called Noar Telem. They were loud, and rowdy but interesting people non the less. We ate some pizza and I awkwardly took pictures of all of it.

Wednesday 8 February

Early on Wednesday morning, we all hoped on a bus off to the JNF Forest. We planted trees for the JNF (a non profit Jewish organisation aimed at bettering the environment in Israel by planting forests, and building Dams for water supply.), although they were weird, non israeli indigenous trees, and probably will drink all the water, we have to pretend that what we did was good for the environment and not feel to weird about it.

For lunch, we picnicked in a lovely little park and ate sandwiches and talked about scifi movies and fun videos to watch on the internet.

As a little group bonding activity and to explore/educate ourselves a little more about the geography of Israel on a modern side we went to a place called "Little Israel" and took loads of silly pictures of us doing silly things.

Guy, our Madrich took us to "One of his favourite places in the wholeo f Israel". It used to be a battle field so there were loads of treacherous, trenches and rock-y underground bunkers to explore, but we didn't have a lot of time and it was chilly on top of the small hill.

I have a funny feeling we did something else that involved food, but I cant remember what...