Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Happiest Song on Earth.

Our first official full Shnat Day.

Monday 6 February:

We started with an alternative prayer service, by an American Rabbi. He told us amazing stories of his life and Jewish experience, Played songs and melodies, and lead an amazing service.

Te story that I really connected with was the one he told about his Grand Father who collected Rocks from all over Israel. He put them in little boxes, all marked and labled. It reminded me of what I do, when I collect sand from every place I go to. I started to think about why I do that, and I've figured out that its because, although some places more than others, I feel a connection to the earth and all the other human beings that live here. It's like we are a part of the earth we inhabit, and I want to have it as close to me as possible.

He also told us a story about his friend David, who doesn't particularly believe in God, but is a Jew, lives in Israel on a kibbutz and goes to the small Kabalat Shabbat services held on the kibbutz. He says its because: "There is no other place on earth where you're guaranteed a hug from every person in attendance" Wich is so beautiful and wonderful and pretty much sums up my whole existence.

This is one of the songs we sang, amung others and of course prayers to all new tunes:

We ate Pizza for dinner and bonded on the balcanny, huddled around a smoking "Nagila" wich is actually just a hub, in the freezing cold.