Sunday, 1 January 2012

A Wishing Tree

This is the wish tree. Jackie and Sivan ran a ma'amad (Morning Prayer) for us one rainy morning, where we all wrote down our wishes for camp, or for the world or for anything really. Some people wrote personal things, others wrote their hopes and dreams for the future. I wrote a little anecdote about my feelings towards the world. We wrote them on blue ribbon.

"I wish we was like peas and carrots again"

You can choose to interpret this as something silly, or you could see the deeper meaning. I wish the world would be as one again. I wish everyone would learn to accept and not tolerate. Tolerance is the worst word in the English language and it irks me when people use it. As humans we shouldn't just tolerate peoples existence but rather accept that different people have different ways of living and expressing them selves. Acceptance. Growth. Humanity.

That was my wish for the wish tree.

Make your own wishes...

With Love,
Kathryn What?