Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I think this post is an ode to Jake and Evan.
Probably. In all my life. The most best guy friends I've ever had.

Evan is like my other half, and Jake is like a big brother to me. Ironically, I was his little sisters big sister once upon a time. I can spend all day, or night rather, typing out tidbits of information, hoping that the three people that don't actually read my blog, will find them useful in trying to imagine how amazing these people are, but it wont help.

When I opened my blog tab, and proceeded to think of the things I would write, I first thought it would be about the talent show, and how much fun that was, but I realized that there are much bigger talents in these people other than the ones they choose to exhibit in a blue room, somewhere on the coast of South Africa.

There's Evan. Who is comical, and outgoing, yet reserved in his actions and the pieces of himself that he chooses to share. I admire his empathy, his ability to decide when things are worth it, and the fact that many a time he has kept me from straying far too deep in my thoughts. A problem I am all to familiar with- Over thinking.

Then there's Jake. Jake-the-hake to most. Jarred to some. Jake-nstien to me. He's a wonderfully charismatic individual with strong beliefs and a happy-go-lucky attitude. I think its mostly because he's an insomniac and spends a great deal of his life in spoon hour, feigning sleep or watching people enjoy theirs. I have a sneaky suspicion that Jake is one of those people that are so tired they no longer have boundaries. You can spot Jake a mile away, because he always has a blanket or snuggie with him.

Oh, and an unhealthy obsession with Coke.

This is Evan in the Talent Show. Beautiful isn't it?

With Love,
Kathryn What?