Friday, 25 April 2014

Summer Nostalgia

I actually can't wait for summer, because these Swimming Costumes are legit, bro. 
Flip I hope we get them here.
I love the crazy patterns and the cool details, and who doesn't love things that are high waisted. I mean lets be real for a second. But, most of all I love the odd styling of them. The tops are awesomely ribbed and slightly longer, or have cool piping detail. The patterns are perfectly placed and well thought out. This is fashion design right here, and who would think that you're meant to swim in that. Gosh darn it. this stuff is flipin' cool

The master mind behind all these amazing Aztec patterns is none other than Mara Hoffman, a super cool fashion designer from New York. You can check out all her cool stuff here:


Sorry about the creepy model stance, is it creeping you out as much as it is me?