Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Spookasem: The best thing ever.

No, no Im not talking about the Candy Floss, although I do love it. I'm talking about all the things I need in my life right now from this amazing Cape Town based Shop. (I'm almost starting to believe that Cape Town is on the scale of Moderate to Average... but I could be wrong.)
They're busy working on their online store at the moment, so unless you live in Cape Town and can pop by The Woodstock Exchange any time soon, it might be a little harder to get your grubby hands on these delicious designs.

Or you could order them from here (http://www.utique.co.za/seller/spookasem/)

You can keep up to date with them on Facebook, until their website is up and running then I'm sure we can all live inside the internet looking at these delicious things. Damn.
All right, enough babbling from me, take a look!

I particularly love the little illustrations and the cute story behind them. I think this brand can go along way and boy do I want one of those cute Ghostie Tote Bags!