Friday, 25 April 2014

Indulgence: Addressing the Issue

  1. 1.
    the action or fact of indulging.
    "indulgence in self-pity"

The other day I found myself scouring the internet to entertain myself through these cold, winter-y days. I even spent a great deal of time on E! Online catching up on what feels like years of Celeb Gossip. Weddings to breakups and that Avril Lavigne music video that everyone was going on about.
Then I found all these pretty dresses and just had to share them with you. While they are wildly over priced through the American Dollar and the dying economy of South Africa, they are still nice to look at and fantasise about wearing. Maybe we can get some of our awesome South African designers to start making things like this and not those horrible tube dresses that everyone seems to wear. 

The first dress is really flattering without having to be too revealing. I really appreciate the detailing in the lace print (which is real lace, not just lino screening) and the beautiful detail in the cuffs of the sleeves.
The second I actually found under the Prom Dress section, which isn't anything like you see in those movies any more. This was the best of the lot, and with the right red lipstick you'll definitely be a knock out on the dance floor. I also really love the chunky clutch bag, I think it adds a little edge to the dress which is quite flow-y, albeit a slightly odd shape.

The next two dresses are more casual. The mint green dress has really ice detailing on the shoulders. Its really nice for summer, but hey, that's what we get living in the Southern Hemisphere - all the fashion seasons are all mixed up. 
The Boho Chic dress is my absolute favourite. I like the delicate details in the fabric, the long sleeves and the delicate neckline.
The last dress is absolutely fabulous. Look at how it flows. I think if I ever wore that dress I wouldn't stop jumping around because I'd feel like a really fabulous and stylish Flower Fairy.

So, if I was a famous movie star, that's how I would dress for sure - even on the Red Carpet. Whaaaaaaaat?! Like a G