Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What Emile Tells Us: A fleeting insight.

Most of his lectures are incoherent ramblings and him shouting at people to stop using their laptops and people falling asleep next to you in the Auditorium and so many Music Videos, but every now and then he'll say something cool an interesting and maybe funny if you're tired enough to find anyhting funny.
Today he shouted at us about Dieter Rams and told us we were all uncultured little chilren and then proceeded to tell everyone what was wrong with their designs and grumble about needing coffee and a cigarette.
Besides all that though, he's pretty cool. 

So I did a bit of a Google and found a bunch of nice things on the internet about this Dieter Rams person and as it turns out his stuff is pretty legit and will make shaving, listening to some fancy records and also waking up or running late way more designed and smooth looking.
Here are some of my favourites.

In light of today beign the last day of class for a while I thought I would share some of Emile's inspiration that he's been trying to impart on us for a while now...