Thursday, 17 April 2014

Don't believe everything the internet tells you, unless it's me, then you can.

The other day, during my usual Blog Stalk, I read a really nice review of the Chinese place that just opened down the road form me, and being an enormous fan of Chow Fan, I thought I'd check it out on my way home.

The small shop was dark and the counter was cluttered with a mixture of chopstick, straws and pot plants, there was an awkward early family dinner that looked like it consisted of a Step Dad trying his hardest to win over the kids. The waitress gingerly took our order, the crumpled menu looked over used and slightly confusing,. She scribbled a few notes and went through th edoor at the back of the shop while the awkward step dad asked for a little more soy sauce and the little girl cringed her face at the taste. I sat near the door, waiting patiently for the food to arrive. The table was neatly set up, the green chopsticks standing out in stark contrast from the dark wood table. Mismatched chairs scraped against the floor as the sun slowly set over the chilly winters day, the parking lot slowly being plunged into the darkness of the night. One by one the street lamps lit up the sky.

Look, it was all right, not the best and not the worst - I've had some pretty dodge Chinese Food in my life time, and that's in four different cities spread across two continents and multiple restaurants, but I gotta say, I wasn't all that impressed.
My Spling Lols were burnt and there was hardly any Chicken in my Chow Fan. Now, it might have been a bad day and maybe I'll have to go back and have a second try of this place but it was super disappointing at the time, especially since I really, really wanted some delicious dinner times.

Then I found these
Ramen Overload: Source

Mmm. Looks so goood.