Friday, 20 September 2013

The Train

She pulled her thin, black jumper tighter across her shoulders, shielding her from the cool morning breeze that was blowing through the train station. She had slipped into the ladies room to fix her make up before buying her ticket for the 5:45 train home. The toes of her boots were dotted with raindrops that had started to fall from the dark clouds above, she looked down at them. They were scuffed and a bit tattered, but she loved them all the same.

"Oh, what fun they had together" she thought, a wry smile spreading across her lips.

A low whistling and a rumble of the steamtrain engine could be heard way in the distance. She took one last drag from her cigarette before dropping it to the dampening ground and stubbing it out with the toe of her boot. Amelia gathered up her belongings that she had absent mindedly cast to one side of the bench, the one without the sleeping man spread across it; her ticket grasped tightly between her fingers as she eagerly awaited for the train to arrive.
She shivered a little.

On the train, she pulled a thick, black journal with weathered yellow pages and a pen. There were other passengers on board, but most of them were asleep having been on the train all night. Amelia began to write. The scratching of her pen against the paper echoed through the dimly lit cabin as the sky outside turned a lighter grey. The train chugged through the landscape and into the city before disappearing underground and plunging the train into semi darkness before the attendants turned on the florescent lights. People had started to wake now and were rubbing sleep from their eyes. A mother in the seat next to her was cooing gently as she shook her two children awake, touching their shoulders to rouse them while folding their blankets into a brown duffel bag. 

Amelia closed the book she had been scribbling in and stuffed it hastily back into her bag, ready to make her departure. 
A delicious smell of sugar and hot coffee filled the apartment as Amelia slipped in through the front door, her keys jingling as she dropped them into the bowl where they kept their keys. 

"I'm home!" she called to the house as she dumped her bags at the door and pulled off her shoes as she walked. 

"'I'm starving!" she groaned taking a seat at the counter and looking over just in time to see her room mate take a bite out of her toast as she leaned against the counter looking at Amelia suspiciously.

"Good night then I see" she said over her toast, as she took another bite.

"Great night! But I'm not sure this hangover or the endless, early morning train ride are worth it".

Her room mate scoffed as she walked over to a cabinet and pulled out two mugs and set the kettle to boil. 

"What did you end up doing?" Amelia asked as she made her way into the kitchen in search of food to ease the growling that had erupted in her stomach again. 

"Oh, you know, same old same old. I finished my shift around two and then Roberto tried to hit on me again. He followed me all the way down the street begging me to go for a drink with him bu-" 

"Did you?!" Amelia exclaimed.

"Of course not! He's a slime ball and I'm getting over it. I cant work there any more, the long hours, the bad tips. Its all too much for me to bare, not to mention school!"

"Maybe if you just give him a chance..."

Jessa took one last bite of toast before she had to leave for her classes in town. Amelia stood in the kitchen for a little while longer, letting her imagination run wild for a bit at the thought of Jessa and Roberto on a date, but soon, also dismissing the idea as a moment of insanity. She finished her tea and padded up the narrow wooden staircase to a nice hot shower and her blue toothbrush sitting in a the cup by the sink.