Monday, 16 September 2013

Walk Off the Earth

Youtube is a wonderful place, which I fear I have only just discovered. Before I used to look at a few things, maybe check back every so often to the same places and not quite realise the wonder that is withheld in the depths of this magical cavern of creativity. I never fully understood what was happening on the internet and could never really be apart of it fully. I feel like I've been changing that the last couple of weeks though - through the wondrous world of Fan Fiction and the depths of blogging and internet magazines.

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One of the best discoveries I've made in the last couple of days had been the band called
Walk Off The Earth. I remember seeing a video of theirs early in 2012, but didn't take the time to note down the name and so it went unnoticed in my life. This was their cover of "Somebody that I Used to Know" by Gotye, where the five of them played one guitar. Their video and unconventional styling had over 35 Million views in under two weeks. Almost a year and a half later and they're taking Youtube by storm again with their Cover of "Royals" by LORDE.

The Music Video Cover for Royals is the five band mates playing fur ukuleles and other percussion instruments in a new and innovative way.

The most fascinating part of their Covers of other artists is the way that they do it and the Music Videos they make - this is probably the reason for them being as cool as they are.

I highly encourage you to watch their music videos because they are probably the best things ever, in the world. Ever.


P.S. Maybe I should go platinum blonde.

P.P.S. I judge how much I like people and music based on hair. If yah aint got good hair yah just aint cool enough, and that's the gospel truth.