Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Last night, I went to see the Premier of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and it was the most amazing movie I have ever seen in my life and I cant wait to read the books and also see the next one which I hope they make, even though it bombed at the Box Office in America.

Let's all just take a minute to think about what we're doing as people. We're ruining things for people because were all trying to shove things into little boxes called 'Similarity' and I would personally like it to stop, thanks. Not only has everyone been trying to classify this movie as 'Another Twilight Disaster' but I'm shocked to see that it has worked.

Not having gone to the movie with any premise as to what awaited me when the film started rolling, I actually got to see and experience the movie, and the storyline for what it was.
There was no lame, 'I can't live without you so let me lie in the forest for three days or stare out the window because I'm dense'. No. there was real conflict and aspiration and character development throughout the film.
The storyline followed Clary trying to find her Mother and trying to navigate the waters of what seems to be a complicated family relationship.
The love aspect of the movie was a nice touch, and the Love Triangle best friend thing was a classic and quite frankly unavoidable - I mean, everyone knew it, even Clary - that's why she kept denying it.

Clary is the protagonist of the series, a strong headed; brave, young girl who has been thrown into the crazy mixed up world below New York City. Besides being a bad-ass demon-hunting chick, who hates the idea of unnecessarily looking like a skankily clad hooker to fit in with the Goth Scene, she also enjoys poetry readings.
Yes! Finally a cultured young woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to fight for it, or her family! Bella Swan you suck because all you could do was make a forcefield with your mind and you couldn't even do that right. Bitch.

I think that its a great new representation of the supernatural world without it being lame Vampire - Werewolf fights. Even when there are vampires, there are loads of them, fighting like crazy in a dining room. A DINNINGROOM. If that doesn't freak you out then you're broken. It's like they invite you to dinner and you're the dinner. Also, they actually burned in the sun.
Uhm, do I even have to mention the demonic dog/snake/body goo crawling around trying to eat Clary in the first scene...?

This whole Mortal Instruments series is pretty darn fab-tastic if you ask me. Dark, sinister, slightly creepy and weird but I think the world needs it after the horror that Stephanie Meyer made Vampires into... and that's not horror in a good way.

Having said that, let me just tell you a couple things you may not know about TMI: City of Bones.

  1. It's Great.
  2. It's as if Star Wars, 300, True Blood, Wolverine and Harry Potter all got together ha a massive orgies and made this movie/franchise/book/amazement.
  3. There's some crazy background story going on, which actually has been translated well into a movie - not just some shiny vampires looking at some girl cause she smells good. Ugh. The storyline has many different elements, and lets be honest, there isn't enough time in a movie to accurately show each and everyone to it's full and wonderful potential so they've kept the important stuff. I mean the series is six books!
  4. It's damned well not about the Vampires!
  5. Shaddowhunters are half angel half human and have sworn to protect Humankind from Downworlders. Also, the Mundanes (Humans) can't see them which makes for some really hilarious/cool scenes when the humans are like "Whaaaa?". When I grow up I want to be a Shaddowhunter.
  6. Jace Wayland (Not sure if this is his name or if he's Johnathan Wayland or Jace Lightwood) either way he drips with sarcastic humour which I highly appreciate.
  7. Classic the only Mundane along for the ride seems to be good ol' Nathan from Misfits putting on an America Accent. Still he has really good bone structure, and makes for a great Nerdy Best Friend/vampire/I hope he becomes a vampire.
  8. This.
  9. Jamie Campbell Bower.
  10. Lily Collins and her fantastic hair. Makes me wish I was a redhead lets be honest.

I don't really want to think about the whole Cassandra Clare Fan Fiction debacle because it makes me sad and I want to live an innocent, ignorant naive life where it doesn't exist, even though I spent about four and a half hours doing as much digging as humanly possible and trying to find the 'Draco' Fanfic Novels to read with little to no success. Ah well... I will still read the books and watch the movies and try not to think about the terrible reality that is the Cassandra Clare Plagiarism/Draco - Ginny Romance that inspired the Mortal Instruments series.

Cant wait for the next one.