Sunday, 3 July 2011

Old School Kicks (Ass)

Dear Jozi,
Isn't it amazing what you can find when digging through fifty year of junk piled high in the garage?
My mom and I were sifting through my grans old clothes and stuff. She had super small feet so my mom thought I would be able to wear her amazingly vintage shoes, from the forty's.

I can.
That's how cool I am.

These are the ones that fit me so good (:
These are navy blue and need new heels so I can't wear them yet ):
These ae my favorite.
These are also brown, and open toe which is pretty. I like open toe shoes. 

They remind me of the Great Gatsby and all the silly 1940's hats and stuff. I wish I grew up then. Life would have been so much more glamorous. I'm bored of skinny genes, and songs about how drunk people got at the party on Friday night.

With Love,