Friday, 22 July 2011

I love me some floral.

Dear Jozi,

About five years ago, a little shop affectionatly dubed "The Pink Shop" by me and my mom. It's the most amazing shop in thehistory of amazing shops.
For Rizz YO!

It's reently moved from Northcliff Corner to this new small shopping mall inetween Northcliff and Cresta. Have you seen it? Its where the steeres used to be. The one with the new Woolworths...?

Its still pretty amazing though. It has all sorts of fun mugs and bath salts and jewlery and whatever else you can find in the hords of clutter, glitter, and pink stuff scattered all over the shelves.

My mom took me there a couple weeks ago to look for a present for my cousin who turned 25. we bought her a mug.


The point is, Pretty Bangles of floral glory and wonder!

With Love,