Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dear Jozi,

So, there's this guy named Jake.
This is Jake.

It was his birthday like a couple of days ago... and we picnicked.
We picnicked so hard it hurt the next day.

There was soccer playing and cupcake eating and Birthday Song singing and love giving and nomming and present opening and perving over Duncan (on Lily's part...) and more cake eating and story telling and picture taking and cloud gazing (well, tree gazing as there were no clouds...) and more birthday happiness.
It was lovely.

 I made Jake some cuppie cakes for his birthday. 
The gold candles are courtesy of Lily and Rosa though (:

You cant have a Birthday Party without some balloons. 
You might notice how it says "Happy 10th Birthday"...
That's cause Jake is the youngun among us and no one really knows how old he is. 
JOKES! He's 17. 
There were "Happy 7th Birthday" ones too, cause 10+7 is 17.

The best picnic spot!

The amazing shirt that Lily got Jake. "I like girls who like girls"

Cloud gazing! Only without the clouds...

In the words so beautifully sung by Thando and aKing:
"The sun sets a little more beautiful when you're not alone..."

Evan. Too school for cool.
Thanks for being the host of the best birthday picnic in the history of time Jozi. You really do have the best sky for gazing at in the winter (:

With Love,

PS. This is your birthday song, it isn't very long.
This is the second verse.
And the third.
But we added another!
Why was he born so beautiful? Why was he born at all? Because in 1994 there was no birth control! Theeeeerre waaaas nooo biiiiirth controoooooool!