Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Perks of Working in a DVD Store:

Dear Jozi,

You wouldn't believe I'd ever get off my lazy ass (and the internet) but I have.
I have found myself a shitty job in Melville.
Yes, You guessed it! My life has now become a Meg Cabot book.

I work in this alternative art house DVD store in Melville for R20 an hour. It's not much but there are a few perks to it (:

  1. Free DVDs
  2. Extra moneys for my dreams of a camera, Motorcycle and Hip bone Surface Piercings.
  3. Meeting strange people
  4. Free Internet.
  5. Getting paid to watch movies all day long
  6. Blogging for free!
Basically I get paid to do nothing and watch movies... and get hit on by creepy men.

I now understand why people who work in DVD stores are such stoners. It's cause there really isnt that much to do around here. Movies get boring and people come in waves.

With Love,