Monday, 18 July 2011

I'm a Banana, Yellow and Curvey!

Dear Jozi,
Have you ever sung the fruit song?
These miniature chilluns taught it to me at our Netzer Day Camp of Glory.
I was their camp councellor. I'm pretty sure that we had fun (:

Me and Jackie being silly whilst we was meant to be watching that the kids didn't eat glue or summing. I miss Jackie so much, it was really refreshing to see her again. Shes like family. Lets be honest.

This is EVAN ^^ He's my friend. We had a rad ass time playing with the kiddie winks and hanging out in chilly bars on the Greenside Strip.

These are my kiddies! The one thats pretending I'm a jungle gym, thats Jono. The girly in the purple is his best friend. They were so sweet! I love my little tipotnicks!

We went to the best bowling ally! It had a scary alien pulling the zap sign at the counter but whatevs. It was still fun. I lost though. Not as bad as Evan. I beat him by one point. Go Me!
    Jackie makes the best hot chocolate. She just pours the whole bottle in.

    With Love,