Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Should have done this ages ago:

Dear Jozi,
Did you miss me?
I'm so glad to be home again!

I spent the weekend away (kinda) with my friend Chloe and her family in Pretoria. It was her GREAT, great grandmothers birthday party and she so kindly invited me along to hangout with them.

We left on the Friday afternoon, and her Boyfriend drove us all there. I slept in the back seat because I was really tired after school and car rides put me to sleep. Like a little baby :D
We treated ourselves to the best ice-cream in the whole of Joburg, before setting off on our journey.

Chocolate and Mint (: My Favorite!
When we arrived we all got settled. Chloe and I shared a room/bed at the bottom of their house. Because we're sillys, we left the window open and were super cold that night, but the next we snuggled and it was amazing. We all hung out in the living room, watching movies but I was still so tired I fell asleep again, wich was sad because I really wanted to watch the movie The Rebound. We went to bed cause we had a super long day of shmoozing with the family.

Saturday brought the family event:

It was really cool. Everyone embraced the theme of the 1940's despite the chilly weather of winter. Chloe wore a flattering blue shiffon dress, a fur bollero and a 40's style hat. Her cousins and uncles all had hats and suspenders and looked super cool. I had my grandmas shoes and a vintage style coat, but ended up not wearing them because of the cold. Im a loser!

Her cousins Erin and Shane are really cool. They're probably the funniest people in the whole world. We spent the evening with them making hilarious prank calls to people. Mostly people we know because that makes it funnier. We prank called Amy because she's kinda chinese and we thought it would be funny. We were all canning ourselves for AGES! I love them so much!

On Sunday, Chloe and I, hit the shopping mall. 
The longest shopping mall in the world!
I joke.
To find her a Matric Dance dress.


We tried a couple, but the one we found was the prettiest, and it looked so good on her. Now just for shoes and accessories and we're all set to rock our MD night! 
<Watch this space for MD pictures>

Keep your blankets close, and your heaters closer!
With love,

PS. I had a really good time with them, and you. It was great to get away from all the boyfriends and the family and just have some girl time, which I've really missed.
I'm sorry about what I said before Chloe. I love you so much and I just want you to know that what I said was wrong and I realize now how hurtful things I say can be. I hope you'll forgive me and that next year we can be friends again. This is how I really felt about the weekend we spent together, and I'm sorry I ruined the good time we had with anger at you, when I should have been angry at him instead