Monday, 20 June 2011

Marching For Equal Education onJune 16:

Dear Jozi,

Can you believe that almost seventeen years ago to the day on June 16, your streets, those which cars and people travel on everyday were host to the first demonstration march for equal and basic education for all?

Well, I certainly can't, because seventeen years ago, round about June, I was merely an idea. But last Thursday, I was able to join my fellow students from all across Johannesburg on a demonstration march, for basic education.

Because, seventeen years later, unfortunately is not a reality.

I was there with my youth movement, proudly dressed in my school uniform along with hundreds of other students waiting excitedly to get going!

There was singing and chanting and stomping and signs and the vibe was absolutely INcredible.

I took about 800 photos, but here are the best ones:
Showing school support (I didn't personally make this but people from my school did and it made me proud to see that they were there too.)


With Love,