Sunday, 5 June 2011

I'm not asleep.

Everyone keeps telling me that all I do is sleep wich is such rubbish. For one thing I'm always awake when they tell me this so they're blatantly lieing! another thing is I'm not asleep right now so HA! In your face.
I do not sleep all the time.
Although I do quite enjoy a good nap every once in a while.

It seems as though my sleeping patterns have been quite messed up lately (This is probably what everyones talking about...) because of all this exams stress and people being like "its the most important year of your life" stuff its starting to mess with my brain... and I kinda need that...

Lately I've been K.O-ing on the couch at like seven, waking up at like one and then not being able to fall asleep again until four them having to wake up at six for school! My body just cant handle it! Then its like a vicious cycle from being overly tired ALL the time.

On top of all this sleep business I now have to figure out how I'm going to pass my exams whilst being the worlds biggest procrastinator. You see? I could be studying RIGHT NOW! But am I? No. Because its BORRIIING! and I don't wanna. It's so bad, I've even resorted to blogging about the fact that I'm blogging.

Then last night my people were like lets hire loads of Anime and order chinese food and stay up till 3am watching it all! So we did, then slept till 12 in the afternoon and I didn't get any of my studying done. Not to mention the massive hangover I had from the night before celebrations because Kyran won Best Actor at the EADS festival.
Weldone Kezz!

Sigh. Jozi? Why do you have to be so cruel?
With Love,