Thursday, 1 August 2013

Compulsory Post #1

For my first "Compulsory Post" based on this weeks Brand Strategy Homework, which I only actually did in class - you know how it is. 
We had to find an article (Look I even managed to find it again) relating to our chosen topic, read the article and come up with 5 Insights, from that article. 
After all that hard work, there was more. 
This involved struggling through someone else's homework, trying to read their handwriting and understand what exactly they were talking about on their blog, and then having to awkwardly find the person in our class to return their homework to them. 
It was after all that, that we got our crumpled pieces of paper back with a few new (or in my case not so much) insights.

This is the photographic evidence of such homework.

Well, I dunno about you but that wasn't all that interesting, and had very little (unless you read the paper) to do with TV Shows and how they inspire our life journeys through emotional problems and all that weird psychological mush so I have a cool song/video for you to listen to/watch.

I can just about hear your minds a reeling with what on earth this wonder could be, you might even be asking yourselves "What Even Is That?", so, without further adieu:

Barenaked Ladies - The History of the Universe 
(The Big Bang Theory Theme Song - Full Version)

Check yah on the flip side