Monday, 13 August 2012

The Weekly Report: 02/08/2012

Dear Parents Snifim and Shanties, Shalom Rav,
This week our shnatties left karmiel and we all met up (except for Josh and Lily that are in England leading on camp) in Kfar Ayanot, this is the place that Noar Telem held their summer camp, on Monday they hosted 3 buses of Reform teenagers that were here in Israel doing a summer tour of Israel, one bus from NFTY our sniff in USA and two buses from RSY one of our snifim in England, our shnatties led activities for them thru out the whole day, some paired up with Noar Telem madrichim and some on their own, we also had a segment where they talked about Shnat Netzer specifically, they showed a really good power point presentation and sang a great song for them.

Back in Karmiel, Kitty is helping out with Karmiel’s yearly famous dance festival, Liz is working hard with the babies and the rest of the girls are helping out with a summer camp for disabled kids and kids with ADD.

The Option’s period is almost over, on August 14th they will be leaving Karmiel and we will be going to Kibbutz Hanaton (also in the north) to have our Jewish Identity Seminar, right after the seminar our shnatties will have a small vacation just before starting their last part of the program in Kibbutz Lotan.

I want to wish you all a great weekend and Shabbat Shalom


Weekly report by Sophie G and Kathryn H

We write in haiku

Hello from kathryn and soph

We all miss you loads

This week has been fun

We are still in karmiel

Only one week left

We are all quite sad

To say good bye to it all

The north is so cool

Sunday and monday


Together on tour

We lead them one day

For Netzer-not-netzer fest

They were very mav

Kitty likes to dance

Kitty had the best burger

Merch is one the way

Jade loved chavaya

So she continues to lead

At kefli aviv

Shana is there too

Shana is filled with stories

About machane

Jordy hurt her foot

Kefli aviv still wants

What a trooper, girl!

Sophie likes to cook

Tel Aviv is a cool place

Kefli aviv, yo

Liz likes the babies

But will have to leave there soon

Sad day for us all

Josh and lily are

At the london olympics

Leading on youth camps

That has been our week

It is still really hot out

Love your cool shnattim

P.s. a haiku is a poem consisting of three lines. The first line has 5 sylables, the second 7 and the last 5.