Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Best Night

Trying to decide what to wear while living in a house with six other girls is the hardest thing. You'd think it would easier but its just makes it worse. Especially on a program like Shnat, where everyone is dirty hippie Shnattie and we've been wearing the same clothes 7 months. The bus was hot and the sir was sticky as we bumped and bustled our way to the mall for a fancy dinner. We found ourselves in a burger bar at the end of the road. The dim light of the restaurant made everything look more fancy than it should. We just didn't fit in there, which became quite apparent when we were all hysterically laughing at Jade and her salad that made her face sting.
After dinner we walked around the shops and made ourselves depressed about all the pretty clothes that we couldn't afford, or have any where to wear them to really. But, if I had an empty suitcase and an endless amount of money I would have bought all the cool hipster clothes.
We came home and watched so many movies and ate so much more food like pop corn and all kinds of deliciousness.

This is the delicious burger I had for dinner.