Monday, 20 August 2012

It's About Time

10 August 2012

The Service:
The Service at the small Reform Shule across the road was awkward and uncomfortable. The old, crinkled faces of the congregation bore into me as I sat in the front with my fellow Shnatties trying to lead songs that they didn't know, speaking a language they didn't really understand. It went as well as it could have.

The Movies:
We had a small dinner of cruskets, bread and all sorts of different spreads on the floor of our apartment before heading off to the Movies with a whole bunch of kids from LJY, RSY and the Karmiel Israelies. I saw "The Five Year Engagement" with Jade and Jordy, and the other girls saw Batman. 
All of a sudden the screen went blue and the three of us looked confusedly at each other. Jordy turned around and kind of spoke to the room asking "What's going on?" and the one person who spoke English said there was a break so we all sat quite awkwardly and giggled until the movie came back on. Our movie finnished first and we had an hour to kill before the rest of the kids finnished theirs, so we decided to be little kids for just a bit and went on all those silly rides in the mall. We went on the merry-go-round of horses three times and only got off when we were about to throw up. Then we did it again.

12 August 2012
Farewell Dinner:
Our last lesson with our Hebrew teacher brought with it a little surprise. A Cake! We made her a cake! She always had so much food for us, and so much cake and we gave her so much trouble and never had our notes it was the least we could do. It was a very odd cake.

Galit, our Karmi'el Madricha met us at this fancy restaurant called Art De Coco, which is famous for their desserts. They were all fancy, and delicious looking miniature cakes. We each had our own meal, something that rarely happens on shnat, but shared a bite of each around. I had Spinach Lasagne.

Spinach Lasagne!

14 August 2012
Packing up:
The house was messier than it had ever been before, while we were trying to smush seven months worth of Israel, Northerners and ourselves into an eight person mini van. The heat was excruciating and we had been up since 7am. The Death Room was clean for the first time since we moved in, but still smelt as though six things had died in different parts of the room and then coma back as zombies. After we had all packed our stuff into our bags and boxes we kept it int hat room to clean the rest of the house and the kitchen. 
For lunch we ate what was left of the avocadoes and fresh vegetables in our own salads and on cruskits. It really was a beautiful breakfast.
Galit came over to take back our keys and give us all lollipops... a bit odd... and say and awkward goodbye. We finished packing an doff we went, glad to see the back end of the rape-y building and the 200m radius of Karmi'el that we knew.