Monday, 20 August 2012

"Minds Clouded With Trees"

9 August 2012

Michelle's Birthday:
The small apartment had undergone a little re arranging and so I was thrown off on arrival. There was so much more room for activities in anticipation of the rowdy party that was t take place for Mich's Birthday. Sophie and I went to get ourselves some nourishment in the form of Noodles from the resturant down the road and shortly after arriving back and scoffing them down, about 30 different people from Australia and South America flooded the apartment.
I sat, quite stunned in the corner on the blue couch. A sweaty, half dressed and moderatly hairy, but also quite attractive South American boy leaned down and planted a sweaty scratchy kiss on my cheek before introducing himself as "Raphaeelllll". Another tall blonde guy did the same thing, although I didn't quite catch his name.

The night sky was dark and clear with the sun setting quickly over the rooftops of the buildings that you could see from the balcony. I sat on the small couch next to Gal while a small South American girl smoked in the corner only stopping her deep drags to try and persuade Gal and I into coming "to the club". We talked for a bit, catching up on past events and him showing me his battle wounds from their paintball experience of that morning. A few more people arrived and all the girls dragged me off to the other room so that they could change and parade around in six different outfits before finding the right one for "the club". I sat on the edge of the bed next to Sophie and Shana as people popped in and out of the bed room looking for the party, or their friends. 
After we had all decided that the one pair of black bike shorts looked better than the others we all headed for the roof, for what the Aussies call "preesies", which are basically pre drinks. (I'd like to say that I've caught up on all the Aussie lingo quite quickly) We sat in small circles, or clumps of people all talking excitedly about the world. Gal and I on the floor while we looked up at the five girls all sitting on the edge of the roof. They looked as classic as if they had been directed there, and we were all in a movie. The light reflected their features so perfectly, and their legs all crossed the same way made me feel a little uncomfortable. 

Back inside, and after quite a few hours of "Should we go out? Shouldn't we go out?" All of Netzer found themselves in comfy clothes sprawled about the chilly bedroom. The walls were bare and the air conditioning was a bit too cold. There was a small window above one of the beds where I sat. Out the window there were a few buidings illuminated by orange street lights.
The evening progressed and people came in and out but we got progressively comfortable playing guitar, singing songs and generally having a grand old chill/jam session.

The tune of the guitar filled the room, there were tired eyes staring out of the window behind me as he played on. A gruff voice emitted from the mattress on the floor in a symphony of practised words. They sounded so natural, so effortless. They combined beautifully with the repetitive rhythm and although my brain could barely comprehend the meaning behind the words and their speed. He cut in with the feelings that must have been building up inside rhyme for some time. He spoke clearly, with a twinkle in his eyes. The Portuguese was even more in comprehensible than the English but if you tried not to understand and just appreciate the beauty it was there. Everything, in one room.

I put my phone on the bed next to me recording the nights progression, this is just what was happening in the world: (A Voice Recording)