Monday, 20 August 2012

Just Some Casual Testosterone

1 August 2012
The room was dull and depressing without all of Shana and Josh's decorations on the walls. I sat on the evil broken bed, Jacob on the other bed and Gal and Liz on the mattress on the floor.
We opened ther window to let the breeze in, and try and cool us down. Gal sat playing the guitar as he normally did. They played me their song for the first time and Jacob was rapping LIVE IN MY LIFE! It was so cool. In the morning we made pancakes and exchanged musics.

3 August 2012
Jacob and I walked tot he New Mall up the road to fetch Mitchell from the bus stop. It was hot and sweaty, like Karmi'el always was.
He was wearing colourful pants and an African shirt he had got in Ghana. He had a florppy hat on his head and he smiled and waved excitedly as we walked to meet him.
We spent the day watching movies and eating popcorn and other deliciously sweet things.