Thursday, 3 January 2013

Jozi- My Lover

Ah yes, the sweet, sweet smell of pollution.
While its not the crisp dry air of Jerusalem filled with bustling people, or the sunny capital that blows you away both with breath taking views of the ocean and the gale force south easterly winds, it is the dusty grey city I call home and I'm glad to be back.

It's a whole new year, one where Im sure I'll find myself faced with many; many new challenges. This last year I learnt more about myself than I even imagined possible within the space of 365 days (and counting). Im excited to get back to blogging all about my life, and other funtastic things that I deem acceptable to put on the internet. Fashion, which now isn't confined to the six hours on a saturday night whne I was allowed out of the house, but rather to the everyday catwalks we call pavements.

Im culture shocked by my own country.
I find it hard to understand colloquial lingo, and the multitude of different languages and accents are just about lost on me.
Im stuck.
In a fantasy of life before this one, where I was a part of a group that has now been split over two separate continents.
Im scared.
Of the person tht I will have to become, I do not want to leave behind the person I am. Its been too short.
Im alive.
I have a whole world to get to know.
I am ready.

Breathe it in.
Carbondioxide for the soul.