Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Weekly Report: 24/11/2012

Dear Parents, Sniffim and Shnattim. Shalom Rav,

The Spanish announcement will be followed by an English one J

"Todo pasa y todo queda, pero lo nuestro es pasar, pasar haciendo caminos, caminos sobre la mar" "Caminante no hay camino se hace camino al andar", Joan Manuel Serrat (basado en el poema de Antonio Machado)

"All comings and goings are transient but ours are ephemeral, making our paths passable, paths over the sea" "Traveler there is no road, you make your path as you wander", Joan Manuel Serrat (based on the poem by Antonio Machado)

This week we are surrounded by endings, our southern group after being in Israel for nearly 10 months, their Shnat has come to an end. Some will continue to travel and prolong their journey, some will already be going back home, back to the snif.

This has been a journey that you have done as individuals and as a group. This has been a personal journey as it has been a collective one. You have shown us how much you have grown and matured during this year, we are very proud of you.

We want to wish you guys the best of luck, we our very proud of the journey you did and hope that we have left our mark on you as you have left your mark on us.

Our northern group has just finished their first period of Shnat, they have finished the Kibbutz group experience and will be embarking on a new journey, some will stay on kibbutz working in the different fields the kibbutz has to offer, and becoming part of the kibbutz community. While others will be traveling up north to the city of Karmiel where they will take part in different volunteer projects and interacting with the reform community in Karmiel.

This weekend they will have a sikkum weekend, the aim of it will be to give closure to the month they have spent as a group in Lotan and how to still reaming a group even though they are splitting into two groups.

We wish all a good weekend and Shabbat shalom,

Michael Vainberg

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