Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Weekly Report: 08/11/12

Dear Parents, Snifim and Shnatties. Shalom Rav,

This has been a week full of commotions, a statue was dedicated to Winston Churchill here in Israel, and Shimon Peres is in Russia inaugurating a Jewish Museum. It also seems that our British shnatties have not come alone form Great Britain to Israel, we are being visited by Robins (UK national bird, although I think it is not officially the national bird) and every November 4th a Robin appears in the back yard of an Israeli citizen to begin his own Shnat while it waits for better weather in Europe.

Estatua de Winston churchil.

Lately our relations with Turkey have not been great (to say the least), this week the commanding Israeli officers that were on duty when the event with the Marmara "Humanitarian" ship took place have been put on trial, even though they are not even present. The Turks are calling for 18000 years imprisonment for each of the officers. I wonder how much of a fair trial they are actually going to get.

9 people died on the Marmara and that is a tragedy, however it was not a humanitarian ship but a provocation ship, they were armed on board waiting for the Israeli Soldiers and there was no trace of anything humanitarian on the ship, but putting this aside, because we definitely could have a long discussion if it was a humanitarian ship or not, it is not in my intention to come up with any sort of political statement but I would like us to take a moment and remember the Struma ship, which left Rumania in 1942 with over 700 Jews fleeing for their life, it hardly arrive to Turkey because of motor problems, the Turks did not allow the Jews to disembark and after many negotiations they towed the ship towards the Black Sea where they abandon it with the Jews on board and the ship was torpedo by a Russian and 768 Jews died.

And please let's not forget who gets offended each time the Armenian Holocaust is even slightly mentioned.

As for our shnatties, the southern group had their last week on Lotan, the had their last day of work and Hanna took them to Naot Smadar for a sikkum session, even though it was their last week they were kept quite busy, they had a farewell dinner with the kibbutz youth, a farewell activity for the kibbutz and our northern group invited them to a farewell dinner and activity night. This Saturday our southerners will arrive to Jerusalem to begin their Sikkum Seminar, their last week of Shnat.

Our northerners will be starting their last week on Kibbutz as a group, next week they will have a sikkum weekend and then they will divide themselves into two groups, one group will be staying on kibbutz Lotan and one group will be travelling to Karmiel, and with this they will be beginning their second period of Shnat.

I want to wish you all a great weekend and Shabbat Shalom,


Weekly report by Jordy K (Southerners)

So here it is my friends. The SECOND last delicious weekly report for you to fixture you eyes upon. This week has probably been the most confusing, heart wrenching, exiting, depressing week for the old' Southern Shnat Teva. We had our last host family dinners, last work days, and last time seeing some of the most beautiful kibbutzniks you've ever met that sadly, are leaving even before we are.

Friday night Sophie had her last pub night which ended in her refusing to leave until the place turned off the lights and closed the doors. We said a sad yet temporary goodbye to her on Wednesday as she headed off to New York for some bar mitzvahs with the family, with a return on Monday to sikkum her Shnat with the rest of us - HOPE YOU'RE HAVING FUN SOPHIE YOU SLY MINX! SEE YA LADYFACE ON MONDAY!!!

Anyway, the night before, Tuesday, we all gathered our bodies and wallets and went down to Eilat to have a 'see you soon' dinner for Sophie. We ate at her favorite - Burgers Bar, where everyone devoured their outragously scrumtious burgers, chips and drinks, to then bus home all in food comas.

Saturday brought everyone's last host family dinners, lots more incredibly good home cooked food and new family photos.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday we slowly said goodbye to our work branches with some of us lucky shnatties receiving farewell cake and goods! Some of us also receiving nothing but a hard day of work - but whatever?!?! We still love our jobs?!?!

Wednesday morning we all bought some Lotan tshirts (OMG) and then proceeded to go to a close kibbutz called Naot Smadar where we were given a tour by a volunteer and all went through a ideological crisis where we discussed whether the members of this kibbutz were absolutely incredible or completely insane. To be honest. The answer was both.

That afternoon we rushed home to quickly make a buck load of cakes, cookies and pancakes to share with the whole of Kibbutz Lotan! We were scared no one would come - turns out people effing love us and it was a massive tea and cake party with families and volunteers and shin shins and shnatties from South and North. Ah. What a night.

Today was the day we sikkumed with our Hebrew teacher and gave a load of feedback to Hanna about our time on Lotan. and were invited to the bustan by the northern group for a farewell diner and activity

So mums and dads, husbands and wives, men and women in relationships and anyone else who reads our weekly reports (weirdos) we'll speak to you next week when we send our LAST weekly reply :O

Love DJ Korn.