Monday, 28 January 2013

Wide Angle Lenses

Friday: Great Dane
We started off this whole adventure with a trip into the depth (not really) of Town. We had origionaly planned to go the Kitchners Carvery Bar, but instead ended up at a place called Great Dane. I had never been there and therefore had no idea what to expect. I made a great first impression on the door man by handing him R20 in about fifty coins, half of which were coppers. I know right - My life. A little chuckle with the Door Man later - Weather at me or with me I'm still not sure- we entered the Bar Slash Club into a sea of people from the hipster-est of bald black twenty something wearing polkadot bow ties to the 'poppie' girls wearing the same denim shorts and white chiffon blouses.
After pushing our way through the crowd at the bar, Zamelek and a glass of water in hand we found our way to the outside area. Tables and chairs lined the walls, but we made ourselves comfortable on these cool barrels and, what looked like, life sized cotton spools. Above our heads hung lanterns in the form of old lampshades in many different shapes and sizes. I felt like I was inside the Far Away Tree or some sort of other warped children's book where the lead characters spent their nights getting unfathomably wasted in dingy bars.
The floor is made of Fife Cent Pieces, and I bet you didn't know that.

Saturday: Neighbourgoods

Sunday: Lily n Rosa Birthday Party
Its been an incredibly long time since I've been to a house party. Here in SA we sure do know how to throw one hell of a rager. With the Black Label flowing and the awkward vibes of sober teenagers getting over their hormones nearly disguised by inebriation the party had only just begun.
People were scattered all around the garden, clad in swimming costumes, high fashion and hippie pants all around me people were getting to know each other a little better. I sat in a circle of about six people who were engage in deep, intellectual conversations. If he wasn't gay, and she wasn't so proud I'm sure they would have hooked up. I felt a little bit lost and out of my depth in these kinds of situations. I walked around, a little haze-y as to where I was going but soon found a few people that were familiar enough for me to invite myself into their group and relax a little.
It was a strange night indeed.

Monday: Dinner at Rainbow and Ice creams
Rainbow is a small Sushi Restaurant in Norwood where my Netzer Friends and I regularly attend for some delicious sushi and good times. I truly enjoy the company there and mostly what Sushi at Rainbow represents for us. I remember almost exactly a year ago to the day and even one before that, just after camp we all go get sushi and ice cream and talk about our plans for the year. Last time it was Rosa, Lily, Mitch and Myself talking about when we would all be meeting up over the course of the year in the Middle East and Northern Africa. This time we reminisced about our plans and how they had in fact come true. It was a crazily circlic expirience. This time, were all going to be here and the ice cream machine had no ice cream. Im trying not to read too much into this.

Tuesday: Greenside, Ten Rand Tuesdays, Gin and Bob Rocks
Well, for ten Rand, how could you not expect me to get unfathomably drunk in a very short space of time? We started our night at Gin playing a weirdly distorted Camp Only version of Never Have I Ever around the small table in the corner. I'm sure we all looked like a bunch of Crazies laughing and sharing intense stories. The rest of the night I spent with Marni either talking animatedly about life in Bob Rocks or on the bench just outside. There was also a little bit of cleaver Ex Boyfriend and Creepy Guy avoidance which I'm quite proud of/don't really remember.
Also, we saw Ninja. Just casually. #namedropping

Wednesday: Made Collages, The Bo and Greenside 
Recovering slightly from a hang over and just spending time with Marni doing something fun and creative was absolutely lovely and refreshing. I was making Cute Little Books for the kids leaving to UCT while Marni made a birthday card for one of her friends. The sun was moving slowly around the earth as we sat neatly under the umbrella outside, drinking tea and hanging out.
The Bohemian is a great place to make new friends, which is exactly what we did on Wednesday Night. It started off a little rocky when EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the Bar, mostly creepy old men, were giving us shit. This is probably because, despite my amazing hair and disastrous good looks and life experience. I still look 15 apparently. I disguised my shock by making a witty comment asking weather he wanted to see my fake ID or my real one. There were no bands playing so it was pretty quiet except for the rowdy table next to ours that soon joined forces and many discussions about Life, the Universe and other big round things commenced. All before heading back to Bob's for another round, and a sneaky bathroom break which clarified the myths of people bonking in public Bathrooms.

Thursday: Farewell picnic at Zoo Lake and Carlo Mombelli at the Bowls Club 
It was quite an intense day of work at the office followed by a farewell picnic in Zoo Lake. There was much too much food and drinks and cakes and sweets and chocolate and by the time 6pm rolled around we were all too excited to head over to the Bowls Club for a refreshing Beer and some good ol' Shnat Reunions (Marni not me). I was dieing of tiredness and sleep deprivation. We sat at the back of the club against the Trophy Case eating chips and watching Mr. Mombelli play his music. There were a few blurred people around me, but I wasn't really in the mood for conversation and just let my brain get a little bit molested by the Jazz Music. It was rather nice to just stop for the first time in a while
Carlo Mombelli either plays really good music or really bad music and I'm not sure if I like it.